WORKSHOP: Sacred Mask Making, Revealing the Face of Your Soul

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April 22-24, 2016 • Oakwood Retreat Center, Selma, IN

It’s time. Time to listen to the calling of your deeper Spirit. It’s time to make your growth a priority. It’s time to make the pilgrimage to your inner radiance.

Register Now!Self-love is the time and attention we give to our own growth, healing joy and connection. When we show up in the middle of our own life, taking the time to relax into our deeper nature, time to love ourselves, something magical happens. When we do this with a collective of heart-centered people, transformation is inevitable.

In this weekend retreat we will explore attributes of the Heart Chakra and its capacity to open to and hold sacred space. Together we can ride the wave of deep awareness that allows us to embody the wisdom of creative knowing.

In this weekend we will experience:

  • Heart Centered meditation
  • Energy transfer
  • Chakra opening and balancing
  • Heart Centered hypnotherapy
  • Creativity from the Soul
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • The transformative power of group energy

No previous experience in creativity is required for this weekend. Space is very limited, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible.

“Whoever taught this class has mastered this process.” — Brugh Joy, M.D.

This is what Brugh Joy said as he was escorted into a conference room decorated with masks from my most recent mask making retreat. I was honored to have him notice the radiant energy of all of these beautiful expressions of Soul. This is a process that I know and love, a process I have embodied. It is my honor to share it with whoever feels called to this initiation.


Imagine yourself with a group of like-minded, like hearted people. Together you meditate and open to the deepest wisdom waiting to move through you humanness. From this place you gather into groups of four to hold space, engage the sacred, call in spirit and create one another’s sacred face.

One individual lies down and the facilitator takes them into a deep meditative/trance sate to engage the radiance of their soul. The facilitator then takes the other three individuals in your group into a deep mediation to hold sacred space while the mask is being applied.

Vaseline is gently applied to the face of the person receiving their mask. All touch is loving and sacred. As layers of gauze are draped and shaped on the receiver’s face the energy grows deeper and stronger, becoming a part of the mask itself. The fourth person in the group has been giving healing touch and opening the chakras all throughout this sacred process. The facilitator, who has mastered the mask making process, holds space for the groups, making herself available to assist as needed.

When it is time, and the mask is dry, 5 minutes or so, the receiver of the mask is quietly instructed in lifting off the masks. A towel is place in their hands to wipe away the vaseline from the eyelids. The first thing the receiver sees is their own beautiful mask held in front of them. The sacred mirror, the face of their wisdom and radiance.

The masks are painted from the same sacred mediation/trance space they were created in. We end up with a power piece, a radiant object of art that holds the energy of the soul. The process is deep, loving and transformative. It is as powerful to help create the mask for another as it is to receive one’s own.

Cost: $385
This includes: lodging (two people per room), food, and supplies. A nonrefundable deposit of $35 is required to hold your space.

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