Soul Collage Fort Wayne for 2015

This event has concluded. Please check back from time to time for news of upcoming events!

Saturday, January 10, 2015
10 AM to 5 PM

6734 Mallard Cove PL, Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Cost $75
See map and get directions!

The creation of a “soul collage” is a manifestation of our deepest spiritual radiance. In a heart centered, non ordinary state we will access our timeless inner wisdom and sense the flow of our personal energy for 2015. Our collages are maps that show us what we are learning spiritually, themes for our outer life as well as what is arising from our subconscious. This year’s “soul collage” will include sensing where our personal energy is tied up in our disowned selves, also know as shadow work.

There is no previous experience required for this workshop.The fee of $75 includes all of your supplies and handouts as well as an imagery CD for home use. Please print out this page, fill out the registration form below, and mail it with your check to:

Victoria Wilson-Jones, MS
3270 Mallard Cove Lane
Fort Wayne, IN 46804



A note from Victoria:

I have been making Soul Collages for 30 years and I have been teaching the process for 27. Every year I create a new theme and utilize new skills to expand and deepen the experience. This workshop is an amazing journey in and of itself and the collage can be used throughout the year. Though one can create a collage on their own, the group energy combined with techniques in meditation allow us to go deeper and reach spaces that are unknown to us. Simply put, there are places of the heart and the soul that we cannot get to alone, we require the presence of one another.


Map and Directions
Click View Larger Map below to open the map in a new window. Then click GET DIRECTIONS to give the map your starting point and get custom directions to 6734 Mallard Cove PL, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.