Life is a deep and profound journey to the far reaches of our own authenticity. Each one of us is meant to be an ever changing, growing, and developing being. We are designed to learn and apply new skills as we meet life’s challenges .

Professions, marriage, relationships , parenting as well as health issues, and other demands can move us into places where we feel stuck, and overwhelmed.

Mind, body, spiritual consulting is an integral exploration, based upon the transformational qualities of the heart; the compassionate witness, innate harmony, healing presence, and unconditional love. With a heart centered focus we can explore the deeper truth of any situation that is challenging our abilities. With skill and compassion we can unravel the limited beliefs and perceptions that keep us feeling paralyzed in our journey. With gentle support and guidance, skills are developed in communication, objectivity, setting boundaries, and healthy expectations. All of this is within the context of developing connection to one’s own deep inner wisdom.

The goal is for us to seek the deepest level of wholeness and joy available to each one of us; developing our capacity for rational thought, intuitive insight, emotional balance, physical well being, and deep spiritual connection.