Classes and Retreats

Exploration Collective
A six month in-depth exploration offered once a year.

Soul Quest to Sacred Space
A 7-10 day trip to sacred sites around the world. The focus is the unfolding and deepening of your personal spiritual journey. Past trips have explored the American Southwest, Brazil, Peru, France, Italy and the Yucatan.

In the Company of Spirit
A weekend retreat that focuses on using the attributes of the awakened heart for growth, healing, and connection to the radiance of the soul.

For 30 years, I have taught Heart-Centered spiritual awakening and Heart-Centered energy work as a part of the awakening process. In the spring of 2014, I will release a set of CDs that will contain coursework on exploring the chakra system one chakra at a time. It will focus on exploring, opening, and developing a deeper connection and balance that creates profound openness and stability. The lecture CDs can be purchased as a complete set or by individual chakra.

Please contact Victoria for more information.