Diving Deeper: Finding Meaning in Health Issues

In these times of turbulence, change, and chaos, it is easy to want to oversimplify, to search for easy answers to life’s challenges. As a spiritual counselor, I find all too often, that the first place people go when they have an illness is self blame. They wonder what they have done wrong, or what issue they have failed to resolved that has caused their current condition. The first thing I tell them is, “The world is not a reward and punishment system, this world is a school for our spiritual evolution.” It is important to let go of self blame and open to what wants to stretch and grow within us. What are the deeper truths that we are ready to manifest?

When we are challenged with an illness, we are in the midst of a spiritual initiation. We have been invited into a deeper understanding of ourselves, and of our lives. In initiation, we are always in the midst of the unknown. We have no knowledge of what is coming next. This throws us into our most vulnerable self. It is easy to believe in compassion and a deeper wisdom when all is flowing effortlessly in life. But what do any of us do when the unknown knocks at our door? This is the opportunity to use the spiritual skills that we have been developing. Now is when we can choose to stay focused on our inner qualities, such as compassion, inner connection, speaking the truth to others, asking for what we need, and maybe most important of all telling ourselves the deeper truth of our own stories.

In this journey that is our life, we may forget a deep and profound truth. It is through our strength that we give our gift of radiance to the world, but it is through our vulnerability that we transform. It is our strength and our radiance that we seek; but it is in the unknown, in the midst of vulnerable choices, that we find transformation. We transform when we let go of the old story we cling to, and embrace a larger truth that is being presented to us. Life will challenge us to rise to the occasion. Spirit will ask us to open to love when we are afraid, to accept when we want to reject, and to seek a larger vision when the one presented is too small to hold the vastness of our love and wisdom.

If you find yourself in the midst of a health initiation ask these questions from a space of compassionate acceptance within yourself:

  • How do I feel about being vulnerable?
  • What am I ready to let go of in my life?
  • Where am I ready to open in my life?
  • What beliefs have I held, that I need to be release?
  • Where is my life too small?
  • Who am I meant to become?
  • What are the inner qualities and outer skills I need to embody, in order move through this initiation.

We are designed to transform. The deepest self, is seeking to manifest its wisdom in the world.

Give your gifts from your radiant strength, and receive the vulnerable unknown as an invitation to your growth. Through it you will expand into ever increasing levels of love, truth, acceptance and wisdom.