Sept 11, 2001: Taking a stand for responsible consciousness

This year, as a spiritual educator, I will be encouraging and assisting those I work with in opening to and developing their strategies for self-empowerment. I will be encouraging and supportive of change. My heart, mind and soul will be present as I walk this world. I will be a force among the forces and the power that I will invite to move through me is the vibration of love.

I invite each one of you to ask yourselves, “What do I stand for? What is the prayer that I want to walk into this world?” Become that prayer. No longer invest in thoughts or beliefs that make you and others less that you truly are.

Please take a moment to close your eyes and center yourself. Let these words speak to the spirit within you. This past year has been an initiation into the darkest and the lightest sides of our nature. We face that which we have been separated from within ourselves.

I know many spiritual people who say the world is exactly as it was meant to be. I will challenge that. I believe the world is how we have manifested it. All we see is the outcome of the paths that we have chosen. We face the shadow of our own self-loathing. These seem strong words, I know, yet the energy of trying to manipulate, control and eradicate parts of our own nature can only be described in such a way. What we see manifest in the world is the outcome of long held judgments against self and against one another.

A new cycle of the journey has begun. All of the heroes’ myths begin with a fall. Life, as the heroes knew it, ceased to function and they were thrust into the unknown.

We are those heroes starting on that path out of the unknown. Life as we lived it stopped on September 11, 2001. Our sense of comfort and safety ended that day. We can no longer afford to see ourselves as separate from our inner vision and our beliefs. We are on a spiritual journey opening into ever expanding concentric spheres of consciousness. The journey of love is to learn to be inclusive. It is no longer enough to tolerate diversity. We must embrace it, encourage it, first and foremost within ourselves.

I have a simple plan of action for myself. I don’t pray for peace, as many do. Peace isn’t large enough to encompass what I believe is at work here. I pray instead for resolution of this pattern of shame, blame and destruction that humanity has been experiencing since we have recorded our history. As a living, breathing force in the world I hold myself accountable for the reality that I help create. If I want resolution outside of me, I must find it inside of me. I have made it my business to explore the parts of myself that find judgment and criticism more powerful than love. I have set the goal of my life’s journey to embrace and encourage the diversity within my own consciousness. I am a child of spirit, as we all are. I hold the vision of what can be within my heart, as we all do. I am challenging myself to bring that vision forward into my life, as we all must.