An Evolutionary Leap: Caring for your Energy Body

When we think of a person who cares for his or her body with nurturing self awareness, we think of an individual who is responsible, even sophisticated. Eating well, choosing healthy foods, exercising, spending time in nature, drinking water, meditating getting enough sleep. Even including experiencing enough close social time as well as sexual expression as ways to stay open and unstressed. But, what about taking our awareness, our evolution of self care, to the next level?

Everyone exploring a spiritual awakening process has some knowledge of themselves as an energy system. In this case we will be looking at the Chakra system. This Chakra system is an energy system. This energy system/body is even more subtle and more complex than the wonderfully complex physical bodies we are a part of. Yet, there is very little daily self care happening to support our energy body. An important part of our spiritual awakening and unfolding is to develop this sophisticated, subtle and profoundly powerful part of us. If you know anything about the endocrine system, you know that the myriad hormones it produces have a profound effect on your energy, wellbeing, stress levels, bonding capacity, hyper-vigilance, feeling of inspiration, safety and even love.

Our Chakra system interfaces with our physical body through our endocrine system. Your energy system/Chakra system will also profoundly effect your sense of belonging, connection to your intuition, capacity to be in “we space,” your wisdom to see another’s perspective, your capacity to hold a larger vision, your ability to communicate your truth clearly and to deeply listen to others, and last but not least to have a deep sense of your Soul’s purpose in this life.

You can learn to care for your Chakra system as skillfully as you care for your physical body. Those of you that are familiar with Integral Theory will know that all of us privilege a quadrant. Among the “I, We, It and Its space” we have a personal preference, our “go to” quadrant. Part of finding balance is making sure we stimulate the other quadrants so we can experience the four dimensions that any particular occasion in life offers us.

Just like quadrants, we also will privilege a Chakra, or Chakras. We resonate with the particular vibration and perception it provides. Our “go to” may be the Heart Chakra, especially if we are are finding ourselves consistently focused on the needs of others. Maybe we are very spiritually developed and the Chakras that feel like home are the Third Eye and the Crown. We may be filled with ideas, insights and deep awarenesses. Maybe we like to be in charge in which case the Power Center may be home for us. The deeper, sophisticated, skill we want to develop here is learning what each Chakra allows us to express and experience and how to stimulate them and allow the flow to be in balance.

There are many mysteries to explore within our own energy. All of the questions below can be answered through stimulating the correct Chakra.

  • What does it mean to be grounded?
  • What do I really belong to?
  • How does my inner sense of beauty guide me spiritually?
  • How do I empower myself and what power can I call on?
  • How do I love fully and still have loving boundaries?
  • What is the deeper voice of truth within me?
  • How do I connect to and integrate the complexity of my Soul’s awareness?
  • Why am I having trouble staying focused?
  • What blocks me from manifesting?
  • How do I contact my Soul’s family, my inner teacher, my guidance?
  • How can I heighten my energy for healing?
  • What does it mean to have a life in balance?
  • What is my Soul’s purpose in this life.

Each of these questions and more are deeply rooted in the energy you carry in your system and what you allow to flow through your body.

It is possible to:

  • Bring your Soul’s blueprint into each Chakra.
  • Find the archetype that you resonate with for each Chakra.
  • Use multiple, skillful means for unblocking, opening and stimulating a Chakra.
  • Use your open Chakras and inner balance as powerful tools for inducting and holding higher energy for therapy, counseling, couching and multiple kinds of body work.
  • As an open and balanced person, you can hold a more expansive and inclusive space for yourself and others.
  • With an open and balanced system to allow your Soul and your Soul’s support to hold space for your human self.

I have spent 30 years teaching Heart-Centered spiritual awakening and energy work as a part of the awakening process. I offer a number of ways to help you deepen the above level of work for yourself:

I will have available in the spring of 2014 a CD course that works on one Chakra at a time. Exploring, opening and developing a deeper connection and balance that creates profound openness and stability.

You may also choose to work with me one on one. We can explore your energy specifically and design a spiritual energy practice that meets your needs. If you can meet in person, we can also utilize Heart-Centered hypnotherapy to explore what is blocking a Chakra and what is the radiance energy you are meant to carry there.